chapter  40
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Interrelationship of Sociopolitical Structure and Public Administration in India

WithR. B. Jain

This chapter concerns an analysis of the sociopolitical structure in a complex and developing society, that of India, with a view to discerning the interrelationships among its social and political structures, continuing policy changes, and administrative development. The interrelationship of the state and society has been an important theme in the evolution of political thought in the past half century. Indian federalism has retained the earlier principle of centralization of the British era in the structure of administration; it has vested imposing powers and responsibilities in the Union government. The Indian constitution is committed to providing fundamental changes in the socioeconomic order through its provision on fundamental rights and Directive Principles of State Policy. Social structures and environmental factors do affect the state and the administrative system, and hence the development of the polity. The caste system in India, as it has emerged, stratified the society socially, corrupted it politically, and weakened it economically.