chapter  43
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Bureaucracy, Bureaucratization, and Debureaucratization in Ancient and Modern Iran

WithAli Farazmand

This chapter analyzes Iranian bureaucracy in modern time with reference to the ancient Persian Empire. It discusses a historical perspective on Iranian bureaucracy is given as the context and the phenomenon of bureaucratization in Iran from the 1920s to the 1970s. The chapter analysis the bureaucracy and the Iranian revolution of 1978-79 with the changes that have taken place in the postrevolutionary bureaucracy in Iran. It provides along with a brief comparative discussion of bureaucratization and debureaucratization in pre- and postrevolutionary Iran. The power position of the bureaucracy in Iran grew dramatically as the society became thoroughly bureaucratized. The bureaucracy was dominated by highly powerful elite who were members of both political and economic elite circles at the national and regional levels. The Iranian Revolution of 1978-79 as a general uprising by almost all Iranians from all strata led to the fall of the Pahlavi regime and the long tradition of monarchy in Iran.