chapter  19
Memorandum for Non-Cabinet Ministers, ‘Ten Reasons Why Britain Should Join the Common Market’, December 1970, PRO, PREM 15/62.
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Real wages and the standard of living have risen in Britain since 1958; but they have risen much faster in the EEC. Then, we were better off per head than all the Six except tiny Luxembourg. Today we are worse off than all except Italy. If the present trend continues and we remain outside Community Europe, we shall, by 1980, be even worse off by comparison. Western Europe is our largest and fastest growing market. Increased exports demand a growing economy to produce them. American experience shows that technologically advanced industries must be based on a large home market. Britain's entry into the enlarged Community will provide the best guarantee that British research and British brains will bring about advance and growth in Britain's industry and technology. The Six sovereign states of the EEC have kept their national character. The Dutch still have their Queen, the Belgians their King, the French are no less French than they were in 1958.