chapter  50
‘Remarks by the President to Farmers, Students from the Seattle-Tacoma Area Who Study Trade, and Area Officials’, Seattle, 1 December 1999.
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Last year, Seattle sold $34 billion in exports to foreign markets, making it the largest exporter among all American cities - everything from airplanes to apples. For most of the last 50 years, trading issues, when they were finally decided, were the private province of CEOs, trade ministers and the politicians who supported them. The impact of this round could be quite profound. Since the first trade round 50 years ago, we have cut major nations' tariffs on manufactured goods by 90 percent. During the same period, global trade has grown fifteen-fold, and we have seen the most rapid, sustained economic growth - not just in the United States, but throughout the world - in any period of human history, because we are working together. In the European Union, which accounts for 85 percent of the world's agricultural export subsidies, half of the overall budget is spent on agriculture.