chapter  2
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A Curious Plan

Managing on the Twelfth
WithPatricia Clifford, Sharon Friesen

Travellers prepare more or less carefully for the adventures they hope to have, but the itineraries, maps, and plans do not in themselves create the voyage. The journey is an experience, lived as just the thing it turns out to be: moment-by-moment, day-by-day, month-by-month. Several had behavioural problems severe enough to warrant the interventions of social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists since before the children entered grade one. Some had been identified as gifted, others as learning disabled. If learning is understood to proceed from concrete to abstract, from familiar to strange, from daily experience to the world of wonders, then Rumpelstiltskin should make little sense to children. Increasing numbers of teachers have, however, begun to sense that the educational conversation is changing in important ways. Often excluded in the past, the voices of teachers and children are being welcomed as ones that can inform both theory and practice in unique ways.