chapter  3
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Cleaving with Affection

On Grain Elevators and the Cultivation of Memory
WithDavid W. Jardine, Michelle Bastock, Jennifer George, Judy Martin

The cultivation of memory is a way of working in the classroom for teachers and students alike in their working their ways through those worlds and the nature and worth of those inheritances. Memory is no anonymous storage but an intimate, formative task. Cleaving with affection to them, therefore, is, in part, learning to experience how these artifacts are already imbued with affect and learning how to let ourselves be affected by them. Again, this is the paradox of learning to experience how these things open up worlds that go beyond our experience and house and shape that experience. To help children learn how to cleave with affection, teachers must themselves cleave with affection to those things that they wish to remember and must take on the task of showing such affection in the classroom.