chapter  6
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The Transgressive Energy of Mythic Wives and Wilful Children

Old Stories for New Times
WithPatricia Clifford, Sharon Friesen

Children learn early on in school that they have to "be good" in order to survive. School robs far too many of them of the ability to feel, touch, and embrace the world with energy, imagination and ferocious appetite. Instead, school reduces children's experience to a round of activities, exercises, and programs that exist nowhere except in school. Being good in school means being quiet, obedient, orderly, and passive. Read within the context of "The Wilful Child", institutional mothering takes on a horrifying dimension that goes far beyond hugs and warmth and cookies at snack time. Transgressive acts, like art: have the capacity, when authentically attended to, to enable persons to hear and to see what they would not ordinarily hear and see, to offer visions of consonance and dissonance that are unfamiliar and indeed abnormal, to disclose the incomplete profiles of the world.