chapter  7
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Landscapes of Loss

On the Original Difficulties of Reading
WithPatricia Clifford, Sharon Friesen

Right from the opening pages of I Heard the Owl Call My Name, there were rich moments in which many students found themselves, almost beyond their "wanting and doing" drawn into the dilemmas, the images, the world of this novel and of their own experience. This chapter begins with a practical concern for teaching students through a more interpretative approach to shared texts and experiences. For many students, the reading space opened up a more reflective, inwardly directed part of themselves. As teacher-researchers and even beyond the more seemingly-generous Response Journal into more hermeneutic, interpretive spaces where knowledge and understanding are created through the vibrant life of a community of relations. Action research is not just one more thing to add to our lives. It is, instead, layered way of living that embraces the very difficulties, ambiguities and suffering that so much teaching practice seems determined to eradicate.