chapter  8
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“Because It Shows Us the Way at Night”

On Animism, Writing, and the Re-Animation of Piagetian Theory
WithDavid W. Jardine

Anima mundi indicates the animated possibilities presented by each event as it is, its sensuous presentation as a face bespeaking an image, in short, its availability to imagination. Science and its tales of the world becomes a living part of these imaginal complexities, not an exception to them, a thread among others, needing to find its proper place and needing to learn how to conduct itself with more grace and care and generosity in relation to all its kin. Of course, the most fruitful, most obvious field of study would be reconstituting human history—the history of human thinking in prehistoric man. The whole leap depends on the slow pace at the beginning, like a long flat run before a broad jump. Anything that you want to move has to start where it is, in its stuckness. That involves erudition—probably too much erudition.