chapter  9
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Meditations on Classroom Community and the Intergenerational Character of Mathematical Truth

WithSharon Friesen, Patricia Clifford, David W. Jardine

Teaching with any sense of coherence or continuity or community begins to appear to be virtually impossible in the midst of such developmental proliferation. Many student-teachers often lament the situation, rightly claiming to be overwhelmed by the fact that there are so many individual developmental needs in their classroom, and that each child's needs must be individually met. Classroom experience hints at a sense of generous, intergenerational, conversational space in a concrete way. The different reading has profound pedagogical consequences. It suggests that the child's understanding of a certain mathematical nuance must be read for the ways in which it is true of mathematics abiding place in the community of relations that constitutes mathematics. As a consequence, everyone involved in classroom life becomes extremely busy and extremely active, and no one feels that they have any time to do any real work.