chapter  7
34 Pages

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and sustainable development

Access to genetic resources, informed consent, and benefit sharing
WithMatthew Rimmer

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a mega-regional agreement, spanning the Pacific Rim. This chapter considers the impact of the regional trade agreement – the TPP – upon the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. It focuses on Intellectual Property and access to genetic resources, informed consent, and benefit sharing. The chapter also considers Indigenous intellectual property in the context of a challenge under the Treaty of Waitangi between the New Zealand government and the Maori. It examines the Environment, and its treatment of access to genetic resources. The chapter also focuses on the Development, and considers its relevance and implications for biodiversity. It deals with the future of the TPP, and the rival regional agreement, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. The conclusion contends that trade agreements in the Pacific Rim should seek to strengthen the regional institutions, networks, and rules in respect of access to genetic resources, informed consent and benefit sharing.