chapter  8
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Joe Jiménez

“The Difference Between Thirst and Hunger”
WithR. Joseph Rodríguez

The teacher as writer in school classrooms can create change as well as permit emerging writers to be revived with the invitation to write their ideas, observations, and convictions with ease and confidence. Such is the story about Joe Jimenez, the author of the volume of poetry The Possibilities of Mud and the young adult novel Bloodline. Jimenez grew up in a small town in South Texas and is of Mexican descent. Jimenez added, "Like any exercise or dance routine or solo, it's the practice that matters, the day-to-day hechandole ganas, not just the performance." In addition to writing and teaching, Jimenez explores various genres and media that include collaborations with community and international artists. The short film El abuelo, which is based on the title poem Jimenez wrote, was screened in Belgium, the Netherlands, Mexico, France, Argentina, Ireland, England, and the United States.