chapter  13
27 Pages

POF and Radiation Sensing

WithPavol Stajanca

This chapter presents the topic of polymer optical fibers in ionizing radiation sensing. Emphasis is on cases when POFs are used directly as a transducer for ionizing radiation (intrinsic sensors), but certain cases when POFs play important role as a part of extrinsic optical fiber radiation sensors are discussed as well. First, general effects of ionizing radiation on optical fibers and principles of optical fiber radiation sensors (OFRSs) will be introduced in Section 13.1. Then, attenuation- and scintillation-based POF radiation sensing will be presented in more detail in Sections 13.2 and 13.3, respectively. Finally, a few notable cases of extrinsic OFRSs relying on polymer optical fibers will be discussed in Section 13.4.