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Should African philosophers care about the sub-Saharan environment?
ByJonathan O. Chimakonam

This chapter presents an International Colloquium held at the University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria in September 21—23, 2016. It employs two concepts: peripherality and non-philosophy to investigate the themes of womanist philosophy and environmental philosophy, respectively, in the field of African philosophy. The chapter explores the contribution of African women to environmental protection by taking some examples from different countries. It employs the tool of conversational thinking to interrogate the perspectives of three female Nigerian philosophers on the idea of African environmental ethics. The chapter offers an articulation of a new account of the ecosystem called ohanife using the underexplored African notion of 'relationship' found in many places in sub-Saharan regional cultures and embedded in the Igbo notion of ezi n'ulo, which is emblematic of a relationship of interdependence and complementarity. It addresses the challenge of global warming from the perspective of some theories in African philosophy as an academic discipline.