chapter  11
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Global warming as an ontological boomerang effect

Towards a philosophical rescue from the African place
ByVictor C. A. Nweke

This chapter is specifically tailored to address the challenge of global warming (GW) from the perspective of some theories in African philosophy as an academic discipline. The practice of philosophy in any place involves critical reflection on human challenges. When we study the history of philosophy, we see, learn and reconstruct the critical reflections, reasoned analysis and argumentative conclusions of different philosophers on different topical challenges of their time and place to confront our own challenges. I use relevant principles and theories articulated by Innocent Asouzu, Jonathan Chimakonam and Thaddeus Metz to explain the basic cause(s) and possible ways to tame the tide of GW. My approach in this regard is conversational rather than expository in the sense that I interrogate and unveil what I take to be the prospects and limitations of each of the theories. In the last sub-heading, I indicate the inherent relationship between the theories examined and their prospects in relation to understanding and addressing the challenge of GW. I specifically submit that each of the theories examined contains plausible ideas that can be creatively harnessed to provide a philosophical framework for understanding and reversing the tide of global warming today. I then conclude with a call for a creative synthesis of the ideas into a coherent Africa-inspired philosophical framework for sustainable development.