chapter  2
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Gaia hypothesis from an African perspective

ByAlexander O. E. Animalu, Jeff Unaegbu

We anchor the complementary duality of African (Igbo) three-valued thought logic on the Igbo-Ukwu bronze torus artefact (c. 1,000–5,000 BC) representation of a solution of the well-known three-body problem of classical mechanics, namely the problem of the system of the Sun (Father-Nna), Earth (Mother-Nne) and Moon (Son-Nwa) and discuss the implications of the 3N “linguistic geometry” for the marginalisation of women in African philosophy, in which the sad fate in Western (Greek) culture of the Earth goddess (Gaia) and her python symbol, along with her African (Igbo) roots evident in the cognate Igbo names, relates to her futile attempt to invent medicine from the Earth’s environment to make humans immortal.