chapter  5
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Transformation of urban space in South-West Nigeria, 2011 to present

Ethical issues in development and aesthetics
ByOlatunji A. Oyeshile

The transformation of urban space to make it aesthetically appealing constitutes a veritable basis for measuring the performance of democratically elected government in South-West Nigeria, especially from 2011 to the present. Concomitant to the renewal of urban space is the displacement of people due to the destruction of living and business structures seen to constitute obstacles in the quest for urban renewal by the government. The displacement of people and structures generates anger, anxiety, tension and hunger, thereby diminishing the popularity of government against the presupposed opening up of urban space. We argue that development is meaningful only when it is not only about aesthetics but also about people who are the ultimate beneficiary. The paper recommends that states in Nigeria should balance urban renewal with the survival of the people. A gradualist approach that provides a viable alternative source of livelihood is preferred to radical transformation of urban space, given the poverty level of the people, if sustainable development is to be realised. Ethical values must be considered in the quest for urban renewal. Observational, critical and constructive methods are employed in our study. It is concluded that ethical issues should form the basis for any form of development.