chapter  Chapter 7
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Intra- and Interspecific Behavioral Interactions of Aeglidae with a Comparison to Other Decapods

WithMarcelo M. Dalosto, Alexandre V. Palaoro

This chapter looks both comparisons, we may get a better understanding on how the environment and phylogenetics shape behavior. It establishes what is known for aeglids regarding mating and fighting behavior, also reviewing how different species of aeglids interact among themselves. The chapter reviews how aeglids interact with other freshwater decapods. It compares the behavior of Aeglidae with that of other Anomura and crayfish. While we can make educated guesses concerning the interactions between aeglids and parastacids based on a few studies, there is much less knowledge regarding how Aegla interacts with shrimps and crabs. Physiological costs of the contest behavior of aeglids have not been investigated so far, but there is ample evidence from other crustaceans and arthropods that fighting is physiologically costly. Different fighting motivations are another frequent source of asymmetry in interspecific contests. If fighting costs are indeed low for aeglids, then it could influence how the animals make the decision to give up on a fight.