chapter  4
Informal education and the outdoors
ByTony Jeffs
Pages 20

Education is a word frequently combined with others to explain a policy area or domain of activity. Etymologically 'education' derives from the Latin 'educere' or 'educare' which translates to 'leading or bringing out'. Dialogical education may struggle to co-exist with a national curriculum, SATs and examination league tables, but it is congruent with the world beyond the classroom, not least that of outdoor and adventure education where the process generally concentrates less on 'the end result' and more upon encouraging participants 'to think for themselves'. Be it narrow or broad an educator's intervention signals an ambition to achieve change. Education, unlike instruction and training, always 'implies something worthwhile is being or has been intentionally transmitted in a morally acceptable way'. Informal education differs in notable aspects from training, instruction and schooling, and it is what makes it unique that now attracts people's attention.