chapter  4
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Industrial Systems and Change in the Economies of Border Regions: Cross Cultural Comparisons

WithWerner Mikus

Viewed historically, border regions could hardly be taken into consideration for industrial development during times of a national oriented economic policy. The increased number of international 'common market' systems must be emphasized as a force which provided the basis for the economic development of border regions, albeit with differential effects. Political systems and their dynamics play an important role in the development of border regions. Structural features of border industries are often exemplified by the domination of certain industrial sectors. Statistical comparisons of the structure and development of border industries are hardly possible because of differences of data gathered at different times for different purposes by different countries in different ways. Basically there have been disparities between Switzerland on one side and Italy, France and West Germany on the other side for a number of years. Common to all four countries is their location in the centre of Europe.