chapter  11
29 Pages

Capacity to plead/stand trial

ByTracey Ryan-Morgan, Simon Morgan

This chapter provides a case study of a 76-year-old gentleman who was charged with numerous sexual offences against children which were alleged to have taken place when he was in his middle age. He had been investigated for subjective memory complaints and reported that he had dementia. The chapter also provides case study of a 17-year-old man, remanded into care for his own protection, having been charged with several counts of theft. He had a history of a broken and dysfunctional family. The case indicates that he has a learning disability and is experiencing chronic low mood as well as being highly susceptible to influence. The chapter presents a case study of a 65-year-old man who had a history of head injury, following a serious fall, in the past subsequent to which he is alleged to have sexually assaulted his young granddaughter. He has a longstanding history of alcohol abuse prior to the injury.