chapter  3
11 Pages

Sustainability in gastronomy tourism

The Mediterranean region
WithCandide Çulhaoğlu Uludağ

The relationship between sustainability and gastronomy constitutes an academic, economic, environmental and practical interest/importance for tourism and development in the Mediterranean region. This chapter examines the essential links between tourism and gastronomy; the sustainability and health of the Mediterranean diet and the ways in which gastronomy tourism can support sustainable development in the Mediterranean region. The evolution of gastronomy as a science that has an interdisciplinary approach is also discussed. Biodiversity, local economies, traditional agricultural practices, local identity and existing sustainable development can be supported and enhanced by gastronomy tourism; and, particularly in the Mediterranean region, gastronomy tourism can provide viable solutions to the threats of globalization which has had a significant impact on the agricultural practices and lifestyle of the region. Further studies are needed in this emerging area, however, following the recommendations to all stakeholders offered in this chapter, gastronomy tourism can leverage the fundamental appeal of good eating and to support the preservation and advancement of sustainable development in the Mediterranean region.