chapter  4
17 Pages

Social sustainability and innovations in tourism

Cases from Slovenia
WithDejan Krizaj, Vinod Sasidharan

This chapter describes the first step in the long-term goal of assessing the sustainable development and tourism innovation potentials of the Adriatic Region and the Balkans (ARB), and the intertwining of both aspects from a longitudinal perspective. The methodological starting point is the EDIT model (Experiences through Design, Innovation and Touchpoints), which was originally developed as a tourism and hospitality development framework, and was later applied to engineering and experience design in tourism. Following theoretical overview, further methodological upgrade of the EDIT model is elaborated, focusing on the fields of tourism sustainability and innovation, and their intersection at tourism products’ touchpoints, i.e. interaction points between the tourism providers and customers. The application of the model is described through a pilot study, conducted in Slovenia in 2017. A secondary source analysis of the ARB region is then used in the development of the research agenda for an EDIT assessment of the ARB. The agenda incorporates current development indicators of the region, their specifics, weaknesses and competitive advantages as they relate to sustainable development and tourism innovations.