chapter  7
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Customer relationship management and service challenges in the Mediterranean region

WithÖzlem Özbek, Roya Rahimi

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach has been a topic of discussion for decades among practitioners and researchers. It focuses on how destinations can create and manage unique relationships with their end users. Hence, end users have a crucial role in developing and/or improving service and/or processes. CRM allows service providers and DMOs to tailor their marketing strategies and create additional values. This can increase the level of satisfaction, loyalty and odds of retention. This chapter reviews the notion of CRM and its implicational impacts on the tourism industry. The chapter will also focus on the role of IT, social media and big data in the CRM implementations and the challenges and benefits they can bring for the Mediterranean region. Lastly, the chapter focus on the critical success factors of successful CRM implementation. The chapter has a set of empirical and theoretical suggestions that can benefit both practitioners and researchers in the tourism and hospitality field within the Mediterranean region.