Lexicography in the Internet era
ByPedro A. Fuertes-Olivera
Pages 16

This chapter focuses on a specific area of lexicography. In the field of lexicography, references usually come in two formats: lexicographical journals and collections typically divide the reference lists into two parts: one for dictionaries and one for books, articles, and similar reference literature; and other lexicographical journals and traditions just use only one list of references, which is orthographically organized. The importance of lexicography as an independent science is observed in Bergenholtz's "Dictionary management". He argues that there must be a lexicographer as editor-in-chief of the whole process, which cannot be in the hands of someone without expert knowledge in lexicography. Although independent, lexicography clearly shows an interdisciplinary vocation, that is, cooperation between disciplines. The coming of age of the Internet is also influencing the role users can have in lexicography, either as informants in online usage research or as amateur lexicographers in cooperative lexicography.