chapter  9
Lexicography and terminology
ByLynne Bowker
Pages 14

This chapter explores some of the facets to arrive at a better understanding of the interdisciplinary relationship between lexicography and terminology, and to consider some of ways in which lexicographers and terminologists have been inspired by one another to better serve the needs of their respective – and sometimes shared – target users. It examines how both lexicography and terminology have evolved with regard to practitioners, tools and techniques, and data, placing a particular focus on interdisciplinarity and areas of shared or similar practices between the two. In the case of both lexicography and terminology, there are relatively few dedicated training programs to prepare practitioners to work in these disciplines. Given that lexicography is commonly viewed as branch of applied linguistics, many lexicographers have a background in language or linguistics. Computer technology has been a driving force behind what can be considered as the greatest methodological revolution witnessed to date in both lexicography and terminology: the adoption of corpus-based approach.