chapter  16
Dictionaries for text reception
ByPatrick Leroyer
Pages 17

This chapter outlines lexicographic challenges related to the growing number of computational applications for machine reception. High-quality lexicographic datasets are needed in systems designed to automate meaning extraction and enhance human reception. The Nordic Dictionary of Lexicography does mention the concept of 'text reception dictionary for understanding texts' but fails to provide a definition, whereas several articles deal with meaning and 'definition dictionaries'. The lexicographic discussion of cultural items and cultural fields as special obstacles to text reception has often been a philosophical discussion of what culture really is and whether it is inside or outside language. As recently stated by the European Network in e-Lexicography (ENeL), there is a growing need for lexicographic datasets in computational text reception systems. Lexicographic datasets will run in a number of applications in information processing and information retrieval in knowledge and rule-based systems for text reception, including enhanced lexical resources for word meaning processing.