chapter  17
Dictionaries for text production
ByPedro A. Fuertes-Olivera, Henning Bergenholtz
Pages 17

This chapter focuses on human dictionaries for text production, that is, dictionaries typically used when a human sender is producing a text in his or her native language or in a foreign language. It addresses lexicographic issues related with dictionaries for communicative purposes, that is, dictionaries designed with a view to solving problems of text communication, typically problems related to text reception, text production, translation and text revision. From both theoretical and practical points of view, there are many different sub-situations and consequently many different types of dictionaries for text production. Synonym dictionaries – they typically cover synonyms, antonyms and related words – are a special kind of text production dictionary that aims to help the user to find another word and use it instead of the word he or she already knows. Dictionaries of collocations, or collocation dictionaries, are experiencing some important changes in connection with the development of new tendencies in the treatment of collocations.