chapter  23
Revising the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles
World Englishes and linguistic variation in real time
ByStefan Dollinger
Pages 16

This chapter begins with a historical contextualization of Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles (DCHP-1). This cultural-historical perspective is followed by a lexicographical characterization of the main features and functionality of DCHP-2, with a focus on entry structure, the applied typology of Canadianisms and, in the context of historical lexicography, innovative visualization techniques of frequency data. DCHP-1 was described in the publisher's foreword as a "contribution to Centennial thinking" on the occasion of the celebrations commemorating the first century of the modern Canadian state, which began with Confederation in 1867. The frequency charts may be considered the major methodological innovation of DCHP-2 because of their linking of variationist approaches with historical lexicography. DCHP-1 was celebrated, perhaps 'hyped', and quickly forgotten. With its demise the expertise for how to produce such works in Canada went also missing in a discipline of linguistics that had largely disassociated itself from such practical projects.