chapter  26
The Alicante Dictionaries
ByJosé Mateo
Pages 17

The members of IPA understand specialised lexicography as an independent science that deals with terminological analysis and dictionary making. It aims to meet the needs of specific types of users who have specific problems that arise in situation-specific uses and contexts. The Alicante specialised dictionaries are devised keeping in mind a broad group of users that include not only experts in the field and specialised translators, but also semi-expert and even lay users occasionally interested in the terms included and in their native/foreign language equivalents. The Alicante specialised dictionaries consist of thirteen specialised dictionaries covering areas such as business, economics, stock markets, human rights, pharmaceutical sciences and so on. The methodology used by IPA lexicographers to build a specialised corpus is highly technical and requires mastery of a number of applications, some commercial, others developed by members of the group like Gescorpus.