chapter  27
The Oenolex wine dictionary
ByPatrick Leroyer
Pages 17

This chapter introduces the relationship between wine and dictionaries and other lexicographic information tools on wine and will outline the genesis of Oenolex. The most important data category in Oenolex is the category of lexicographic examples. These are carefully selected sequences of speech interactions highlighting the main information strategies used by the industry when going into dialogue and interacting with its publics. The genuine purpose of Oenolex is to provide its intended expert users rich access to multimodal detailed knowledge of communication between the industry and its publics in real wine tasting situations. The purpose of good lexicographic example sentences is to illustrate the correct meaning and use of the lemma in context and thus reinforce the information provided by dictionary articles. The Oenolex dictionary shows how specialised corpora in lexicography can be integrated and become true functional components of the lexicographic tool.