chapter  28
The Accounting Dictionaries
ByPedro A. Fuertes-Olivera, Marta Niño Amo
Pages 18

This chapter focuses on the online set of dictionaries. The present contribution aims to situate the Accounting Dictionaries historically and present its features and functionalities. It looks into the future, which may be dominated by the influence these dictionaries may have in the design and compilation of online dictionaries. Sandro Nielsen and Fuertes-Olivera indicate that the conceptualization of the Accounting Dictionaries started in 2001 at the Danish Centre for Lexicography. Lexicographers Henning Bergenholtz and Nielsen as well as IT expert Richard Almind started preparing the lexicographic basis for the compilation of a bilingual accounting dictionary covering the languages Danish and English. Lexicographers must observe potential users in specific situations, detect lexicographically relevant information needs among them and select the lexicographic team which will start the lexicographic project which should meet the observed information needs. Innovative dictionaries are in the forefront of lexicographic knowledge and practice. The Accounting Dictionaries are treated as a case study of innovative dictionaries for several reasons.