chapter  35
German lexicography in the Internet era
ByPetra Storjohann
Pages 18

This chapter focuses on current topics in German lexicography. It examines general-purpose monolingual Internet dictionaries and German online portals. Academic lexicography is an established discipline in scientific academies, universities and some research institutes such as the Institut fur Deutsche Sprache (IDS). It is a non-profit branch of lexicography, where a spectrum of products, both of a general monolingual and specialised nature, has been developed, such as dialectal or historical dictionaries and reference works dedicated to specialised terminology. It has given considerable impetus to German lexicography by implementing new linguistic insights, applying new corpus-guided methods, developing innovative presentations and incorporating meta-lexicographic research. German e-lexicography will have to contribute to breaking down the findings appropriately to users without overloading them with details. The German dictionary of the future will be a multifunctional technological tool designed for different consultation tasks and oriented towards acquiring diverse linguistic knowledge and information on language use.