chapter  36
Hindi lexicography in the Internet era
ByParman Singh, Arimardan Kumar Tripathi
Pages 13

The development of Hindi lexicography was based on the rich Sanskrit lexicographical tradition. The scholars of foreign nationalities initiated the modern lexicographical works in Hindi or Hindustani, and Urdu. This chapter explores the possibilities that the future holds for expansion of electronic dictionaries and e-lexicographical research in future. After independence Hindi became the official language of the Union in Devanagari script. Hindi and the regional languages started to replace English as a medium of instruction and to be used for official work. To make a change over from English to Hindi there was a need to find equivalents for scientific and technical terms. In this regard the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT) was set up on 1 October 1961 by a resolution of the government of India. Another institution of national importance to promote and widen the use of Hindi, the Central Hindi Directorate (CHD), was established in 1960.