chapter  38
Portuguese lexicography in the Internet era
ByTeresa Lino
Pages 11

The Portuguese language has grown considerably mostly due to certain international institutions, such as Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), International Portuguese Language Institute (IILP), and the European Union's translation services. Portuguese is striving to obtain an international status in several institutions, such as the World Health Organization and the UN Security Council, among others. Simultaneously, the new countries where Portuguese is the official language follow the European – or Portuguese – standard and represent a large number of speakers. The geostrategic importance of the Portuguese language in the word today – as different international institutions, for example, the Community of Portuguese Language Countries, the International Portuguese Language Institute, and the European Union's translation services can attest – has strongly encouraged universities and publishing houses to develop current language and specialized electronic dictionaries, thus meeting the needs of several types of users.