chapter  3
Dictionaries and access
ByRufus H. Gouws
Pages 16

This chapter focuses on the structures of dictionaries that will also go beyond the access structure by looking at the more comprehensive process of access in both printed and online dictionaries. Looking at the access structure in printed dictionaries the arrangement and organisation of elements can be clearly identified. In the majority of discussions of access structures in printed dictionaries the focus has been on access to data in the central list – employing the outer and the inner access structure. The language in dictionary articles often displays a deviation from natural syntax because of different procedures of textual condensation. Lexicographers employ different ways and methods to enhance the accessibility of their dictionaries and to ensure faster consultation procedures. The digital era has brought numerous new possibilities to the fore, including in fields like lexicography and information science. One of the most significant differences between printed and online dictionaries is the ease and speed of access.