chapter  40
Spanish lexicography in the Internet era *
ByIgnacio Bosque, María Auxiliadora Barrios Rodríguez
Pages 25

This chapter draws the main lines followed by current lexicographical studies in Spanish, and provides the bibliographical references necessary for the reader to complete the general picture. Current monographic journals on Spanish lexicography include Revista de Lexicografia, and Estudios de Lexicografia, freely accessible online. The history of Spanish lexicography has also been the subject of close attention in recent years. Lexicographical criticism has always been stronger in the Spanish-speaking intellectual world than initiatives to undertake new dictionaries aimed at overcoming the deficiencies of existing ones. Dictionaries of synonyms and antonyms are also traditional in Spanish lexicography. In fact, almost every important publishing house has published its own. The Multilingual Central Repository (MCR) integrates the Spanish WordNet with wordnets in other languages, and includes domain labels and a top ontology of concept features, among other aspects.