chapter  42
Using the Web for lexicographic purposes
ByVincent Ooi
Pages 17

This chapter explore the changing nature of the 'dictionary' to 'lexicographic tools' on the Web in terms of "user", "data" and "access". Technological affordances continue to change, and a lexical resource on the Web is not only confined to the browser but gets mirrored as a smartphone App or integrated into word-processing software. Such competitive lexicography goes together with cooperative lexicography, the latter being an invitation to the general public to contribute to lexicography. Leroyer's definition of lexicography as a discipline based on information science holds quite true in using the Web for lexicographic purposes. Lexical knowledge is stored on the Web in various forms, and not just by means of the traditional structure that we know as 'the dictionary'. This is evident in the preceding sections which have used various tools to extract lexicographic information, ranging from search engines to aggregator dictionary websites to concordance lines.