chapter  44
Dictionary usage research in the Internet era
ByCarolin Müller-Spitzer, Alexander Koplenig, Sascha Wolfer
Pages 20

Linguistic dictionaries are usually compiled to support communication between speakers and writers of different languages or language varieties as well as to provide information on linguistic phenomena that might be of general interest for potential users. The use of lexicographic tools, and – more generally – finding solutions to language related tasks with reference works, is the topic of dictionary usage research. The purpose and intent of research into dictionary use is to find out in which situations, how and, with which degree of success lexicographic tools are used. Dictionary usage research can contribute empirical knowledge on how this can be achieved, without losing sight of the dictionary users' interests. Instead of arranging the dictionary entries unidimensionally using typical conventions of printed dictionaries like compressions and common abbreviations, alternative ways of presenting word entries in online dictionaries can be and are already being used.