chapter  46
Dictionary portals
ByBob Boelhouwer, Anne Dykstra, Hindrik Sijens
Pages 13

This chapter describes the present landscape of dictionary portals. It looks at the typology of dictionary portals that has been offered by Engelberg and Muller-Spitzer. The chapter presents the results of a survey that has been conducted in the context of the COST Action 'European Network of e-Lexicography' (ENeL). Many dictionary portals provide additional features which might be of interest to the user. These features generally do not assist the user in the basic task of dictionaries, which is finding the meaning or translation of words. The type of additional features differs according to the 'business models' for the organisations deploying the portal. The list of features included those used by Engelberg and Muller-Spitzer to establish a typology for dictionary portals. The full list is presented later. The features discussed in this chapter are portal types, interface languages, number of dictionaries within in a portal, dictionary available as standalone products, dictionary types, search options and display of search results.