chapter  9
Service learning in teacher training
A case study of the Autonomous University of Madrid
WithHéctor Opazo, Pilar Aramburuzabala
Pages 12

This chapter describes the implementation of service learning in the School of Teacher Training of the Autonomous University of Madrid. Service learning is an innovative and experiential pedagogical method that integrates community service and critical thinking with academic learning, thereby improving the connection between university and society. Conventional teacher training programmes require future teachers to become competent in classroom management and instruction, so students acquire knowledge specified in the curriculum. Service learning projects have a direct relationship with pedagogical training by serving as authentic practices to develop professional competencies. Professors indicated that strengths of service learning include how it makes visible curricular innovations and stimulates collegial work relationships among participating professors. Progress of service learning in higher education will rarely be linear. But in the case of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, a critical mass of professors, future teachers, and community partners are committed to making great strides.