chapter  13
Institutionalisation of service learning in European higher education 1
WithLucas C. P. M. Meijs, Stephanie A. Maas, Pilar Aramburuzabala
Pages 17

This chapter argues that the idea of service learning seems to be accepted in Europe, but in reality many European higher education institutions do not practice service learning. It suggests that there exist good ideas and intentions, but limited implementation. The chapter presents some of the survey results, which is conducted by Europe Engage in the 12 European universities and countries: general position in the university, service learning activities and national contexts. Europe Engage documented difficulties with institutionalisation of service learning resulting in six main barriers: limited time and energy, lack of knowledge and expertise, funding, national and institutional prioritisation, absence of a coordinating unit and a deficit of internal and external rewards and recognition. The European Union (EU) promotes the role of higher education in human and social development. The EU promotes the inclusion of teaching and learning methodologies that develop civic skills and social responsibility, alongside professional skills and knowledge.