chapter  4
Europe Engage
Developing a culture of civic engagement through service learning within higher education in Europe
WithLorraine McIlrath, Pilar Aramburuzabala, Héctor Opazo
Pages 12

The chapter provides an overview on the development of one particular project that sought to acquire knowledge on the extent of service learning within Europe, and offers insights into the nascent stages of a service learning network among 12 universities. It examines an overview of some of the project activities including the crafting of the project proposal, selection of partners, aims and objectives, with a focus on activities that created a universal definition and mapping exercise to increase European understandings of the pedagogical approach. Given that many international networks exist to support civic engagement and service learning to much success, there seemed to be a gap within the European higher education landscape in terms of consolidating and developing practice within the European context. Service learning as a term was coined in the United States in 1967 by Sigmon and Ramsey’s collaborative work.