chapter  5
Service learning, civic competencies and work-life skills
WithAura Nortomaa, Henrietta Grönlund
Pages 12

This chapter explores the potential of service learning in fostering the skills in higher education. It provides a review of research literature on the topic and explains an example from one university course at the University of Helsinki in 2017. These skills include communication, team-working and social skills, project-work skills, problem-solving skills, information literacy, or professionalism. The chapter addresses service learning as a work-integrated learning model and pedagogical approach that can provide both opportunities to develop civic-engagement competencies and work-life skills that aim to foster capable and enlightened future citizens and employees. It proposes a conjunctive framework for the development of new work-life skills and demonstrates how service learning can foster these skills through a case study. The chapter discusses the opportunities provided by service learning as a holistic pedagogical approach. Service learning is a holistic pedagogical approach well suited to meet these needs, as demonstrated in the case study.