chapter  7
Identified service learning practices in European higher education
WithNives Mikelić Preradović, Wolfgang Stark
Pages 23

This chapter presents the analysis of 49 service learning experiences that were identified as good practices among the 199 that were collected in universities from 11 European countries. The standards for service learning lie in its inherent diversity and creativity to develop new and innovative formats for experiential learning. Essentials of service learning practices are indicators shared by scholars and practitioners both on a global scale and in different kinds of higher education institutions: universities, colleges, private/public, and teaching/research oriented. Best practice standards for service learning are based both on research outcomes and requirements that most service learning programmes in higher education institutions share around the globe. The group service learning projects are assessed using different weightings for the components. The collected best practices contain examples of international service learning experiences. Patterns of success for service learning are based both on research results and on tacit knowledge in practice.