chapter  12
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The Gap Between Theory and Context as a Generator of Social Injustice

Seeking to Confront Social Inequality in Brazil Through Career Guidance
ByMarcelo Afonso Ribeiro, Guilherme de Oliveira Silva Fonçatti

The chapter aims to discuss the discrepancy between theory and context in career guidance by analysing the concepts and theories governing the understanding and practice of the field in the global South (Latin America, Africa and a part of Asia). In general, such concepts and theories have an individualistic focus and are designed with the middle and upper classes in mind. Yet these theories are utilised in a neoliberal lived reality which is marked by social inequality and by precarious careers. To accomplish this task, an analysis of the theories and practices used in the Brazilian milieu was carried out, whereby the decontextualisation of these theories and practices was observed. Next, principles and guidelines were proposed for a theoretical-technical framework in career guidance based on social constructionism and critical Latin-American theories, which considered the diversity of experiences and contexts existing in Brazil to confront inequality and social injustice. Finally, this approach is exemplified through case studies of career guidance.