chapter  16
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Rethinking Social Justice, Equality and Emancipation

An Invitation to Attentive Career Guidance
ByAnki Bengtsson

This chapter explores the possibility of social justice to emerge within career guidance by drawing on Michel Foucault’s notion of governmentality and Jacques Rancière’s concept of ‘intellectual equality’, which rests upon the assumption that everyone is able to speak and understand. It means that equality is a practice that is manifested and affirmed in emancipatory acts, and it has pedagogical implications for career guidance. Experimenting with this line of thought, I offer a modest suggestion by introducing an attentive career guidance understood as getting out of position and opening up a possible modification of the social order with respect to the emancipator and the emancipated. Based on philosophical reasoning, attentive career guidance does not aim to generate instructions, guidelines or models; however, it addresses pedagogical relations. Primarily, it is an invitation to think differently about emancipation, equality and social justice in career guidance and reflect upon what matters in public career guidance.