chapter  8
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Social Justice in Career Guidance

A Fraserian Approach
BySuzanne Rice

Political scientist Nancy Fraser argued that much debate and writing on social justice is too readily conceived in competing ways, focused on either economic understandings (‘Are resources distributed equally?’) or on identity politics (‘Are diverse groups accepted and equally valued?’). Instead, Fraser proposes a broader and more nuanced theoretical understanding of social justice with three key domains: distribution, representation and recognition. This chapter outlines these domains and their role in producing parity of participation. It then moves to consider what the implications of Fraser’s social justice theory might be for current delivery of career guidance, and what socially just provision could look like in resourcing, practices and roles. Finally, the chapter considers what forms a potentially socially just career guidance provision might take in developed societies in the future should automation lead to fewer and more insecure jobs, as some scholars currently predict.