chapter  11
13 Pages

Contributions of actor and partner to dyadic interactions in toddlers

A longitudinal study
WithCornelis F. M. van Lieshout, Hendrik W. van IJzendoorn, Simone A. de Roos

This chapter investigates actor and partner effects in infant dyads. It estimates whether non-independence of partners in infant dyads is a serious problem in infant peer research. The chapter concerns the development of the interdependence or the patterning of behaviours of actor and partner with respect to each other over age. It discusses the influence of individual differences in social interactive person characteristics, such as actors' dominance and cooperation, on partners' behaviour. The chapter discusses the choice of interactive behaviours. Some of the social interactive behaviours are truly interactive such as social initiatives and reactions; other are interactive and mutual such as play with same toy and proximity to partner; a third cluster of behaviours are more non-social, such as passive behaviour and exploration of physical environment. Infants' dyadic interactions may not be independent of their mothers' presence. The chapter concludes that dyadic interactions in infant play sessions reveal characteristics of relationships.