chapter  12
18 Pages

Constructing social communication with peers

Domains and sequences
WithCarollee Howes, Leslie Phillipsen, Claire Hamilton

This chapter explores the continuity and stability of individual differences in the development of social competence with peers. It finds both continuity and stability in individual differences. The chapter examines the fit or match between individual differences in positive and negative, gregarious and withdrawn social competence with peers and other aspects of the child's social competence with peers. It discusses the transition from infant to toddler, the period of consolidation within the toddler period, the transition from toddler to pre-schooler and the period of consolidation in pre-school. The chapter also examines sex differences and sex by time interactions. It explores consistency in individual differences across time periods by computing Cronbach alpha statistics for each dimension using all variables for all time periods. The chapter explains Pearson Product Moment correlations in order to examine relations among observed, rated and social cognitive dimensions of children's social competence.